I decided to be part of a women empowerment program, that recently started in my office.

I called my wife at home, telling her to not cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for me for the next month as I will be holdings meetings on women empowerment at my office and food will be provided in the office.

She said to me annoyingly that our daughter’s final exams are coming in 2 weeks and I promised to teach her maths while she (mother) will teach all other subjects. I just raised my voice and told her “I am doing all this for them only, programs like Women Empowerment happening at such a grand scale in MNCs will help her only in the future, as we will give her a better future.”

P.S: This is a sarcastic post

Rakesh Kalra

Hello, I am Rakesh Kalra. I have more than 15 years of experience working on IT projects, where I have worked on varied complexity of projects and at different levels of roles. I have tried starting my own startups, 3 of those though none of it were successful but gained so much knowledge about business, customers, and the digital world. I love to travel, spend time with my family, and read self-development books.