I am a software developer and loves coding from the heart. I tried launching 3 startup ideas till now, none of these ever got traction from people for so many reasons I have learned over time.

While working on these ideas I coded day and night, sometimes being awake till 4 AM at night and sometimes waking up at 4 AM to code, weekdays and weekends, before office hours and after office hours, on airports and metro stations.

I know all the advice/quotes people and entrepreneurs have: “Build small and then evolve, Know your customers first, Do surveys before you build, Do side hustle, Leave your job and then hustle”. So let’s leave all the practicality aside.

Sometimes I ask myself, do I feel sad or happy about all the time I spent on these ideas, though none of these ideas were successful?

And I answer myself, it was an experience and thrill ride I will never forget. I have deeper satisfaction in my heart that I built something, and I tried. In my heart, I am proud of myself.

I use the experience of building those ideas every day in my job to make the right decisions, trying to bring balance between business requirements that bring profit to the organization and technical perfectionism which brings satisfaction to a coder’s heart.

Rakesh Kalra

Hello, I am Rakesh Kalra. I have more than 15 years of experience working on IT projects, where I have worked on varied complexity of projects and at different levels of roles. I have tried starting my own startups, 3 of those though none of it were successful but gained so much knowledge about business, customers, and the digital world. I love to travel, spend time with my family, and read self-development books.