Format to use when going for 1-o-1 Feedback meeting in your organisation with your Manager or Seniors

Answers I have to fill before going to meeting:

On which Date?
With Whom?
What are my Contributions since our last feedback meeting?
What are next major items I will work on according to me?
What new technical/non-technical things I have learned since our last feedback meeting?
What are new technical/non-technical things I plan to learn?
What is going well in our team/company/culture according to me?
What are my improvement areas according to me?

Questions I have to ask during meeting:

What is going well according to him/her?
What is not going well according to him/her with respect to me?
What is advise for me?
What are next core priorities for me according to him/her?
What are next project priorities according to him/her?


Action Items on other person?
Action Items for me?
When are we meeting next?

Rakesh Kalra

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