What is Recreate deployment strategy? 

In this strategy, you first scale down, which is completely stop all the instances of the earlier version of the application running before you scale up the new version.



What are the Key Benefits of Recreate Deployment strategy? 

It’s simple. At no point in time, you will have 2 different versions of application running in environment in which you are deploying. Therefore you avoid backward compatibility challenges for your data and applications.

What are the key points to keep in mind when using Recreate deployment strategy? 

Points to note:

  • If you follow recreate method, there will be downtime of your application when old version is switched off and new version is not yet deployed. Though this downtime is fine for some applications where applications have luxury of downtime.
  • Backward compatibility. Old and new deployments can share files or datastores on which they write and read from. You have to ensure that when you are rolling out new version then new version can also read/write from datastores and if you have to rollback, then also you can use those datastores. Though, you can always have extra steps for rolling out and rolling back to update the schema of datastores.

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