Here is is checklist of tasks you should cover when you are updating existing functionality in IT Company

  • What is the problem statement?
  • What is the expected outcome?
  • What is the impact of this new feature?
  • What is the Jira?
  • Understanding existing feature in which we have to do change
    • What is the current sequence diagram for existing functionality?
    • What are the request response as per existing functionality?
    • What external API we are calling?
      • What is the request and response for these APIs?
    • Find existing reference documents on intranet to understand existing functionality?
    • Who was the developer who have worked on initial Functionality?
  • Getting clarity on how functionality will be updated
    • What are the expected changes in request or response as per new functionality?
    • Are then new teams we have to interact with?
      • What is the chat channel for these teams?
      • What are the point of contacts for these teams?
    • What is new updated sequence diagram?
    • What new API we have to call?
    • What is the updated request/response of our API as per changes?
  • Tasks for taking changes to production?
    • When is expected date to go live?
    • What will be the rollback strategy
    • Who will be testing the new feature?
    • What metrices we have to capture for new changes?
    • What alerts we have to setup for new changes?
    • What is the estimate for delivery?

Rakesh Kalra

Hello, I am Rakesh Kalra. I have more than 15 years of experience working on IT projects, where I have worked on varied complexity of projects and at different levels of roles. I have tried starting my own startups, 3 of those though none of it were successful but gained so much knowledge about business, customers, and the digital world. I love to travel, spend time with my family, and read self-development books.