red and black moped scooter beside green grass

My father’s scooter

I booked a cab and I was dropping my daughter to her school. On my way to her school, I saw a son clinging to his father’s shirt with both hands, while his father was driving the scooter. I felt nostalgic and to be honest I had tears in my eyes.

happy senior businessman holding money in hand while working on laptop at table

Money is Easy

Money is easy Happiness is hard Giving opinion is easy Taking criticism is hard Talking is easy Listening is hard Fighting is easy Forgiveness is hard Loving is easy Keep loving is hard Partying is easy Family dinner is hard Buying is easy Donating is hard Achieving Target is easy Read more…

man holding book

I knew everything

When I started, I knew everything.After gaining some experience, I realized I didn’t know everything.With further experience, I realized I didn’t need to know everything.Now I know, that whatever I know is just my point of view at this moment and may not be true. To be a change, you Read more…