Technical Courses I completed

Area Certificate Java & Spring Microservices with Spring Cloud The Complete Spring Batch Developer Course Java Multithreading Spring Framework 4 Tutorial: Practical, Rapid, Intuitive Learn Java Unit Testing with JUnit 5 in 20 Steps Java 8 for Experienced Developers: Lambdas, Stream API & Beyond  What’s New in Java 8: Lambdas  Restful Web Service with Spring…

Startup Ideas I worked on

MyFoodyFamily: Link: App for Managing weekly menu for your whole family Instagram: @insiakalra Instagram channel for my little daughter which I run: @insiakalra TODO.THINKscholar: Link: Learning tracks for technologies you want to learn, with the ability to store your notes, bookmark notes, and a lot more. Technology Used: Angular, Ionic, Firebase, PWA…

My Travel History

Why is my travel history part of who I am? Travel is like an endless university. You never stop learning Harvey Lloyd

My Bucket List

Travel Travel to Paris Travel to Greece Travel to Australia Travel to Europe on Cruise Travel to America Get Famous 50K Instagram Followers 1 Million Youtube Followers Speak about my personal life to public Health & Fitness Reach 15% Body Fat 20 KM walk in 1 day 30 KM walk in 1 day