I am an Amateur

I am learning, learning to learn, learning to be happy, learning to work efficiently, learning to focus, learning to ask better questions.

What Do I do during working hours?

By designation I am Software Developer.

But in terms of real work, I do anything to everything where I see I can add value. From mentoring people to designing application architecture, from coding to documentation, from testing to code reviews.

What do I want to do in working hours?

I am among the fortunate ones, who are doing the things which they want to do in their working hours. Coding, providing IT solutions, and managing products is what I always wanted to do, and this is what I am doing right now. Lucky me.

What do I want to do in my non-working hours?

I had started and failed at many of my IT startup ideas, have given more than 10 years of my after-office hours to it. The idea was never to earn money but to make something which provides solutions to people’s existing problems and creates impact.

Now I am working on providing value to people by:

  • Uploading technology notes on: https://todo.thinkscholar.com
  • Adding valuable information on my Instagram page: @thinkscholar
  • Adding valuable information for kids on my daughters Instagram page @insiakalra
  • Creating family nutrition planner: https://myfoodyfamily.com

What technologies I am expert in?

Programming LanguagesJava, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Spring Integration, .Net, Scala
DesigningSystem Designing, Microservices
DevOpsAnsible, Docker, Kubernetes
DatabaseOracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Coherence Cache
ProcessesAgile Based Development, Mentoring & Managing team, Streamlining CICD, Automation of build processes
Mobile & UIAngular, Ionic, Flutter

My Professional Experiences

AgodaLead Engineer2021-Present
MicrosoftSenior Engineer2021-2021
Natwest MarketsPrincipal Engineer
Engineering Manager
ExpediaSDE II2015-2017
RBSTechnology Lead
Senior Software Engineer
Software Engineer
SapientAssociate Level II2007-2009
InfosysSoftware Engineer2005-2007