House Help not Maid

I am a very progressive person, and I have 24-hour house help at home. I don’t call my maid “maid”, I call her house-help or by her name. She is like part of my family. I say thank you, sorry and welcome whenever I interact with her.

I let her watch TV at night from 9 to 10 PM and she is allowed to call her family in the evening time when I am resting.

Whenever we have a party at home, we give her all the fancy food (left-over). Even we give her my daughter Candies and Chips (which she denies eating) and my wife’s bath products (closer to expiry or expired) and jewelry (tarnished).

On special festivals like Diwali, we give her very costly clothes (old clothes which we can’t fit into).

If she is traveling with us, on our way back to home, I let her sleep in the car (she needs good rest, as she has to take care of my kid, unpack all suitcases, cook food, clean the house, and few other minor chores when she is back with us).

We have separate wheat flour at home for her, so that she gets same quality of food as she is used to, at her real home.

Whenever I go out to watch a movie with my family, I give some chores like cleaning the refrigerator and washrooms, so that she will not get bored while we are away.

I have even arranged a separate sitting for her to in the kitchen, so if she gets tired during the day while standing, she can sit.

One thing I feel, I do wrong is that, at times when I am not happy or stressed, I do raise my voice at her. But later I do say sorry to her.

I sometimes think that I should start celebrating her birthday and give her half a day free on that special day where she just has to take care of my kid. I am going to ask her birth date today.

Be progressive.

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