How to do complex task?

I used to and I still at times, get so much stressed whenever I get a complex task at the workplace. This stress makes me feel unhappy and miserable. I carry these emotions every day with me till I am done with work and I easily pass my vibes to people around me 😦

How do I take care of it?

Whenever I get such work, I try to map the work at hand to the below thoughts:

  • What will I learn out of it?
  • Can I complete this work better and faster than others?
  • Can I divide this work into smaller and simplest tasks?
  • Can I create a workflow to complete this task, and how can I improve this workflow?
  • How do I improve the algorithm my mind uses to learn complex things?
  • I promise myself a reward, a gift which I make sure I give to myself, as soon as I will be done with the task.
  • I remind myself of the 80/20 principle: 20% of my effort will lead to 80% of completed work. So whatever the effort I am thinking in mind is not what is required.
  • I create a sense of urgency for myself. I imagine that I have to go on vacation at end of the day and flight to catch, this pushes my mind to focus on completing work at hand and my brain automatically tries to find new ways to complete tasks.

I understand one thing, the work tasks we love to do are the tasks which have some reward, the reward could be learning a new thing, could be fame, could be applause by the team, could be monetary. Human Psychology 101.

Our mind, unfortunately, doesn’t care about long-term rewards but is always concerned about short-term rewards.

Once we understand what emotion drives us, now we just have to map our current work to these emotions.

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