Pleasant Weather

It is such pleasant weather outside, I can see drizzle, wind blowing, and clouds hiding the sun. Perfect weather to go out with your family or friends, enjoy and eat unhealthy food as my little daughter says. Makes me remember, my childhood days when I used to play outside with my brother in such weather for hours and hours, and my parents bringing oily crispy fried eatables to us.

But, here I am, sitting inside air-conditioned walls, worried about next meetings, worried about tasks at hand, worried about completing work on time, worried about problems I don’t know how to solve.

What I am not worried about is that this beautiful weather will go away in some time, my family members and friends may separate from me in some time, my kids will grow up soon, this beautiful time will go away.

If I remember it right, even during my childhood I had things to work on, exams to give, homework to finish, so overall had bigger tensions of life at that age also. But these things never stopped me from enjoying good weather, family functions, and 30 minutes of cartoon time.

The situation is still similar, but why have I stopped enjoying good weather?

What has changed? Well, I have changed.

Who needs to change again? I need to change again.

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