Can I tell you one secret?

The hard truth about the corporate world we rarely talk about. In the corporate world, we try to form relationships with people who are good at their work and our behavior is completely different with them as compared to our behavior towards people who we know are not doing good at work.

We are so fast at creating judgment towards people who don’t seem to be doing work properly or not coming out as intellectual people.

To me, it looks like we loose the real us or our innocence when as we enter the corporate world.

Consider how different we behave to people when we meet for the first time, maybe at some friend’s party or in a non-corporate environment. Without caring about their intellectual level or designation or where they work. We start with a handshake with a smile on our face and just go with a flow, talking about life, friends, movies, travel, and family. We feel connected with them, not at surface level but a real connection, and ultimately feel happy about ourselves.

Sometimes I feel we are completely different people when we are at job, these are not real we, this is not real me and this is not real you.

Why are we not the real us in this environment? Is it really just all about proving ourselves, growth, competition, and work?

Deep down all of us are looking for friendship, looking for support, looking for people we can talk to about anything from corporate politics to family matters. We are looking for buddies to go out with for a coffee or tea break and have real conversations.

What are we waiting for?

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