My salary is 10 times more than you

My salary is 10 times more than yours, my boss salary is 10 times more than me, his boss salary is 10 times more than him. None of us are happy.

Bugs Bunny Money GIF by Looney Tunes

You don’t enjoy 32″ TV as you keep on working hard to buy 42 ” TV, I am not enjoying my 42″ TV as I am working hard to by 55″ TV and same is my boss. No one is actually finding time to watch it, but still we are sad and rushing through life to get bigger TV.

television fear GIF

There is no end to it, we think we will rest one day once we have achieved Money or some other dream. But that is not true, we are trained/influenced to run after one thing and then after other thing since our childhood. Running to get better rank, running to get good college, running to get dream company, running to get more money, running to get bigger home. There will be no end to it.

Marathon GIF by memecandy

I am not saying, to not to have dream, a bigger TV or luxurious vacation, but take a break. Note: going to party with friends on Friday night or going on luxurious vacation is not called taking a break.

turn up drinking GIF by CraveTV

Break I am talking about is transforming yourself and your life to find happiness at place where you are, have time to continue chat after saying “Hi, how are you”, enjoying 32″ TV with your children and family, stop feeling sad about weekend coming to end. This is the break I am talking about.
So break, break free of scripted life and enjoy life.

Happy The Simpsons GIF

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