2021 | Senior Developer Role Interview Preparation

System Designing Concepts

  • Consistent Hashing
  • CAP Theorem
  • Long-Polling vs WebSockets vs Server-Sent Events
  • Eventual Consistency
  • Database Partitioning
  • Load Balancer
  • SQL vs NoSQL
  • What are columnar databases?
  • Caching & Distributed Caching
  • Services provided by AWS, Azure and GCP (Just name and description)
  • What is Kafka
  • Redis vs Memcache

System Designing

  • Designing Pastebin
  • Designing Whatsapp
  • Designing Instagram/Facebook
  • Designing WebCrawler
  • Designing BookMyShow
  • Designing of Yelp
  • Designing of Uber
  • Designing Dropbox
  • Designing Youtube
  • Designing your own ThreadPool


  • What are Microservices?
  • What is RESTful API
  • Monolithic vs Microservices vs SOA
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Micro-Services
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Monolithic application
  • Components of Microservices:
    • Service Discovery
    • Client-Side Load Balancing
    • Circuit Breaker
    • Gateway
  • What is Service Mesh?
  • Microservices patterns:
    • Saga
    • Event

Data structures and Algorithms

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