Startup Ideas I worked on


Instagram: @insiakalra

  • Instagram channel for my little daughter which I run: @insiakalra


  • Link:
  • Learning tracks for technologies you want to learn, with the ability to store your notes, bookmark notes, and a lot more.
  • Technology Used: Angular, Ionic, Firebase, PWA

Instagram: @thinkscholar

  • Instagram channel where I post productivity related quotes: @thinkscholar

  • Platform for school and college students to buy and sell their talents
  • Idea was that student can delegate their simple work to other students like assignment, diagram creation, logo making, infographics making and so on

  • Created many times:
    • First Time: for sharing technical blogs using WordPress.
    • Second Time: for solving MCQs with ScoreBoard System, writing blogs, and creating presentations using Java, Angular, and GCP
    • Third Time: Presently as home page for sharing my work, who I am, and linking to

  • ERM & CRM platform for Gyms & personal trainers
  • Created twice:
    • First on WordPress as directory service for Fitness Trainers
    • Again, as ERM and CRM for the Fitness industry.
      • Technology Used: Angular, Spring Boot, Java, MySql DB, AWS, PWA
      • Deployed on GCP

Delhi Decorators:

  • Facebook page for providing decoration services on occasion of birthdays and parties

  • My first blog to share inspirational speeches and stories
  • Created using
  • Able to achieve 1000 users per month traffic
  • Closed it as it was consuming more time and effort than will ever generate revenue

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