Mind Map

You should continue reading this article only if you want to know about technique using which you can take your notes as 10X speed, review your notes faster than you can ever image, and most important retain longer what you learnt.

The technique we are going to learn is called as Mind Map.

Before you read further, I have one question for you. When was the last time you tried learning or finding ways around how to learn? For me it was never, till I found out that the way I used to learn things is not the way our brain stores it and there are many different ways people are using to take notes and remember it for almost forever based on facts around how Brain stores the information.

So how does brain stores the information? or when you try to remember, do you remember information in terms of text written in paragraphs?


Ok let me make it easier for you, try thinking of your first Car or Cycle? You might remember, its color, model of car, or memory with loved ones in that car, a place you travelled to or may be an accident..

Do you remember all the information related to car in form of some sequence?


So as per studies, brain generally stores information in form of images and this information is not stored in some sequence. Information is generally linked to each other, hence if you remember one thing, there are high chances you will start remember all other related information pieces.

Now consider, what will happen if you give information to brain in the form it can easily remember. So we are talking about a format:

  • in which we don’t pressurize brain to remember information in sequence
  • there are lot of images
  • and information pieces are linked to each other
A Happy Brain

Yes, this is what Mind Mapping technique is all about. This is a tool for brain to remember and capture information. Information in same way as brain stores thoughts and long term memory 

Lets have a look at example Mind Map:


  • The use of images
  • Representing of topics as short words instead of long sentences
  • Different colors used in different branches

Infact if you had noticed the mind map carefully, these are the standards which you have to follow when creating Mind Map:

  • Main theme of topic should be at center with a picture related to it
  • We should try to add Sub topics  as keywords instead of sentences
  • Sub topics should be connected to your main topic and so forth
  • Connections should be created between topic and sub topic, and we should use curved and colored lines for creating these connections
    • Research have shown that brain like curves and colors and able to retain information in this way for longer
  • And yes do not forget the most important part of Mind Map, that is images

Here is another example of Mind Map:

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