Our aim is to help you to learn different topics via series of MCQs and mini questions which will get you prepared for your career.

What we offer?


MCQs are easy and fun way to practice subjects, plus it helps you remember topic for longer duration.

Byte Size Questions

Prepare for interviews or learn topics by going through our chapters which are written with Interviews point of view.


Create presentations from the chapters we share and share it with your colleagues or present it.

Tools we supply for easy learning

Score Board

Healthy competition always inspire us to give our best. Check your rank against the toppers or better be the topper.

Todo Goals

Create Todo list of topics you want to learn and track it everyday to check your progress and keep yourself motivated.

Favorite Questions

Mark questions you like as your favorite and visit it latter again to review it


Repeat questions which you failed in last attempt? List of failed questions is automatically maintained.


Bookmark the interview questions you like, or the commands or keyboard shortcuts.


Easily find the commands you are looking for related to Unix, Kubernetes, Docker, Java, Python etc.

Why THINKscholar?

We want to contribute back, we want to share what we know in a way we think it is easier for you to understand and remember.